Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Throat

Track Listing:

1. destroy every vestige of the oligarchy as you would uproot a rotten tooth (1:55)
2. Spreadeagle (1:56)
3. Conservative Youth Brigade (0:05)
4. Songs of Health (0:22)
5. no law that has to resort to arms to be fulfilled by a people can be called a law (2:12)
6. 255 (0:17)
7. I Live for Jesus (1:50)
8. Corvette Club (0:16)
9. Power Stallion, Ride! (0:55)
10. Songs of Fertility (1:21)
11. High Sparks (2:20)
12. Shitsynth for Rage Addicts (0:21)
13. Songs of Battle (0:12)
14. Lameass Jesus (6:27)
15. Songs of Worship (2:53)
16. Songs of Death (1:21)
17. Pink Stumps (3:18)
18. 232 (0:18)


This album is out-of-sync VHS in the living room, plastic chairs and waxy tablecloths at the company barbecue. It will introduce you to the friends of parents who become silhouettes in memory. The spastic, fat children of distant relatives.

The only thing left on the plate is a chicken breast, pale pink. Its grease is soaking through the paper. You put your nose to the chicken, within an inch of it so that you can feel the grease on your own skin gravitate. This is the law of prurience. You sniff deeply.

People that own boats but never use them.

Photographs of families who died on crashing planes.

The NES cartridge that worked one in ten times, and then stopped working for good.

Friday, June 19, 2009

City of Rats

Track Listing:

1.Torches in the Swamp (07:31)
2. we have built a machine that feeds on the skin of the face and which seals all the orifices of one’s body with surgical precision (01:04)
3. their identity papers burst into bloom, displaying delicate petals of pink, gold, and white (02:45)
4. White Kids in Hollywood (02:25)
5. City of Rats (01:25)
6. the skull which is a mouth and drinks deeply (09:37)


Finally a new release. I have been busy with the end of the semester and the new full-time working schedule. But the work has not been entirely unproductive, as my various interviews have provided good tape stock to draw from.


The politics of a culture are never separate from the aesthetics of its terror. America has its second identity, buried in the silence between intentional sounds. You can see it sometimes in the nuanced body language of a shopper or a tourist. Or, of course, when you come across an abandoned mine in the forest. But the auditory aspect is harder to grasp. I find that I come closest when the microphone makes contact with the object, and when the space between words is amplified. There is also a special kind of meditation in sifting through the terrible things which we obsessively document and record: the voices of serial killers, of pilots on a crashing plane, the dry-tongued press conferences discussing such disasters. There is a way to get at the layer of nightmare. To translate it, though vaguely.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fountain of Youth

Track Listing:

1. wriggle, little perisher (10:23)
2. Ponce de León (04:56)
3. Hispaniola (09:29)


I think the theme is pretty apparent. I don't even remember a lot of the sources I used for this. Everything from the Crystal Palace recordings to Napalm Death.

Enjoy Enjoy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swamp Sings

Track List:

1. Swamp Sings (28:58)


Last in this loop series that I have had sitting on my computer. This is field recordings on field recordings, two or three loops interwoven. From now on all new stuff, although posts will be fewer. More of these loops will arise as I discover them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Electric Sings

Track Listing:

1. Electric Sings (30:11)


The next in the series, a single loop with a few other subtle ones woven around it, all taken from the recorded noise of silent speakers and analog recording equipment. This is one of my favorites. Again, meant to be listened to at high volume.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

City Sings

Track Listing:

1. City Sings (25:58)


The next in the series, this one is taken from a sound sample, rather than a field recording. It is probably my favorite out of all these loops I have made so far. Again, it is mostly a single loop, with other loops, slightly audible, oscillating in and out. This one is more harsh but in a way that quickly becomes ambient.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forest Sings

Track Listing:

1. Forest Sings (27:09)


So this is the first in a series of more ambient single-track albums. I have been listening to a lot of Jacob Kirkegaard lately, and that inspired me to put this piece up, and I will follow it with the others in subsequent weeks. They are all exceedingly simple works drawn from field recordings, sound samples, and the noise of various objects. Often when I am working on my more complex projects I find a small portion of a single sound which fascinates me. This album is one of those small portions, looped and amplified, with a barely audible companion loop undulating in and out of hearing. The focus in this whole series is on grasping the nature of a place, sample, or object, and immersing the listener in a moment of that thing's existence. This particular piece is a heavily amplified field recording.

There are different theories of listening in Noise music. The most obvious being Masochistic listening, and the most complex being the "postmodern" Noise-as-failure-to-listen = Noise-as-perpetual-failure-to-become. This album, and the series it is drawn from, focuses instead on Meditative listening. The track is meant to be looped and it helps if you think of the loop as a mantra. Ambient-immersive.

Turn up the volume and enjoy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dry Hair

Track Listing:
1. Radio Across the American West (04:19)
2. BodyTaste (01:58)
3. "I am the Futurist, Strong and Indomitable" (03:29)
4. Dry Hair (07:46)
5. Wet Rags in Glory (06:52)
6. Strep Throat with Head and Trembling (04:01)
7. Patria (01:52)
8. Thee, Iron Winter (12:26)
9. the grain of human Autumn rots (08:49)
10. Abscession (12:18)

Dry hair's for squids

This is a collection of all my older disparate tracks. The newest of these, Dry hair and Abscession (also the best, in my opinion) are at least half a year old, and the others stretch back a few years to the very beginning of my noise experiments. So don't expect the super-quality sheen on these tracks. Their themes, sound sources, styles are broad, and there is a vague movement from semi-harsh (Radio Across...) to harsh ("I am the Futurist...", Dry Hair) to more ambient (the grain...), but this movement is relatively indistinct.

Think: A Noise mix tape for your estranged father.
Think: All our radio signals shot endlessly into the slow-light death of deep space.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Track Listing:
1. Motherfucker Motherfucker (01:07)
2. King and Country (06:32)
3. Topophony (10:45)
4. Peace through Mutilation (04:30)
5. The Blood Buffalo (01:25)
6. Trumpets of Zion (05:23)
7. Dokken und der Fuhrer (02:48)
8. Disconacht (02:29)
9. Dancing Around (02:15)
10. Stonewall (06:14)
11. All the Seed of Europe, One by One (04:04)
12. The End of the War (00:36)


This album formed slowly over the course of the past two years. It is almost all cover songs, Noise style. Aside from the obvious external sound clips almost everything on this album came from the songs used. They were the primary sound source. Some of these are obscure, old recordings that I picked up here and there. Others are really good songs by really good artists (Johnnie Ray: Hell Yes). Others are somewhere inbetween quality and shit. And Dokken... well... Dokken speaks for Dokkenself.

Think: Deconstruction, Repetition, The Kicking out of Jams

Saturday, February 7, 2009

the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags

Track List:

1. the snapping of whips (part 1) (00:22)
2. the snapping of whips (part 2) (02:25)
3. the snapping of whips (part 3) (00:30)
4. the snapping of whips (part 4) (05:13)
5. , (11:28)
6. the whipping of flags (06:58)

Finally my computer is fixed, and all my sound recordings were ok.

So here is a self-titled album. Thematically, it is exploring the name I have chosen, and is cut, roughly, into three thematic sections (tracks 1-4, track 5 and track 6). The first and third sections focus, stylistically, on the use of intellectual montage in Noise, an attempt to translate the theme from Sergei Eisenstein's cinematic theory. The middle section (track 5) is more abstracted, traditional Noise, as denoted by its title.

If anyone was wondering: "the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags" is derived from a line in Luigi Russolo's "The Art of Noises". Russolo was famous for pioneering Noise/Electronic/Industrial/Machine music in the 1920's, within the context of Italian Futurism. He produced numerous "intonarumori", analog Noise machines each designed to produce a single droning sound, the tempo and pitch of which was manipulated by a crank on the side of the instrument. Here is a picture of some of these intonarumori:

There are recordings of them here. The first Intonarumori concerts ended in riots. I have utilized some of Russolo's original recordings in the first few tracks.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Death in Winter

Just as I completed the last track to finish off an older album my computer crashed. Fortunately it looks like I'll be able to retrieve a lot of what was on the hard drive, which is good, considering I had at least an album's-worth of material nearly done that I had not exported to .mp3 yet, and thus had not trasnferred to my flash drive.

If the public computers I am using here have winrar or winzip I will maybe zip and upload an album or two that I have sitting on my flash drive.

Otherwise expect no uploads for at least a few more weeks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Soviet Children's Choir Sings for the World

Track List:

1. Song One (01:55)
2. Song Two (03:38)
3. Song Three (01:52)
4. Song Four (09:19)
5. Song Five (04:14)
6. Song Six (01:09)
7. Song Seven (07:13)

A collection of songs, sung by the BDH Children's Choir, and destroyed by yours truly.

Think: coming storm, dragging a sledgehammer over frozen black earth, the mass-organism.


The Demon Star

Track Listing:

1. Tartarus, Deep Tartarus (36:24)
2. A Tempest Between Galaxies (19:37)

This is one track of Ambient Noise, followed by one of Harsher Noise. Both made entirely out of sounds from space, the earth's magnetosphere, and recordings of NASA transmissions. As the name and artwork implies, this album focuses on the interplay of harsh violence and vast silence which compose our idea of space.

Enjoy, and remember your lessons from John Cage: Silence is Noise too.


This is a blog for me to put up my Noise for anyone who wishes to hear it.