Thursday, January 22, 2009

Death in Winter

Just as I completed the last track to finish off an older album my computer crashed. Fortunately it looks like I'll be able to retrieve a lot of what was on the hard drive, which is good, considering I had at least an album's-worth of material nearly done that I had not exported to .mp3 yet, and thus had not trasnferred to my flash drive.

If the public computers I am using here have winrar or winzip I will maybe zip and upload an album or two that I have sitting on my flash drive.

Otherwise expect no uploads for at least a few more weeks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Soviet Children's Choir Sings for the World

Track List:

1. Song One (01:55)
2. Song Two (03:38)
3. Song Three (01:52)
4. Song Four (09:19)
5. Song Five (04:14)
6. Song Six (01:09)
7. Song Seven (07:13)

A collection of songs, sung by the BDH Children's Choir, and destroyed by yours truly.

Think: coming storm, dragging a sledgehammer over frozen black earth, the mass-organism.


The Demon Star

Track Listing:

1. Tartarus, Deep Tartarus (36:24)
2. A Tempest Between Galaxies (19:37)

This is one track of Ambient Noise, followed by one of Harsher Noise. Both made entirely out of sounds from space, the earth's magnetosphere, and recordings of NASA transmissions. As the name and artwork implies, this album focuses on the interplay of harsh violence and vast silence which compose our idea of space.

Enjoy, and remember your lessons from John Cage: Silence is Noise too.


This is a blog for me to put up my Noise for anyone who wishes to hear it.