Sunday, October 10, 2010


In Thailand for a while w/ tape recorder. Farming right now, too tired for noise. But everywhere is beautiful sound and I only wish for black metal in Bang Phra.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cult of Reason / Cult of Ruins

Cult of Reason: Repetitions and humidity. There is a gear which turns with a crunching sound, rust scraping together. There is a human who turns the gear at an even rhythm. Sometimes repetition creates an excess residue.

Cult of Ruins: I wrapped my body in brown tape torn from black metal cassettes. I danced the ghost dance to raise the new earth from the old.


Track Listing - (44:00)

1. Cult of Reason (25:36)
2. Cult of Ruins (18:24)

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sacred Sea of Siberia

In the summer of 1953, Siberian fishermen dredged an ancient transmitter from the floor of Lake Baikal. Prying open its rusted jaws, they discovered a perfectly preserved reel-to-reel recorder. Baffled that the outdated transmitter could contain such state of the art technology, the fishermen agreed to turn the recording over to the authorities. Late that night, a storm blew in from the Arctic, dark clouds slithering along the circuit of the bloodied Angara to empty into the rift that is Siberia's Sacred Sea. The fishing vessel struck and unknown object and began to take on water. The fishermen radioed for help, but received no reply. When it became clear that the storm would not end and that Irkutsk could not hear them, the captain ordered the launch of the lifeboats, which were cast one by one into the bosom of the black water, pale blossoms settling, sinking, swallowed. The captain stayed aboard. He plugged the reel-to-reel recorder into his antenna and transmitted the frail broadcast out through the caustic storm--hadal radio, a message from the bloodied silt of Baikal.

Track Listing - (40:26)

1. The Ballad of Kurbat Ivanov (00:18)
2. I Am Monarch of My Own Skin, I Am The Autosarcophagist (03:02)
3. Sacred Sea, Part 1 (02:32)
4. Hadal Radio (05:50)
5. Phantom Loop (00:12)
6. Cry Like a Man (01:39)
7. Benthos (00:04)
8. The Execution of Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Kolchak (01:54)
9. National Front (feat. Boro Majstorovic) (03:29)
10. Field Recording, Location Unknown, 1995 (00:57)
11. Blood in the Angara (00:39)
12. Sacred Sea, Part 2 (01:01)
13. The Noble March of Transbaikalia (00:47)
14. Hotax (02:20)
15. Field Recording, Irkutsk, 1953 (00:31)
16. Hair Removal Fluid for Legs, Genitals and Skull (02:06)
17. Golomyanka (00:58)
18. Field Recording, Eureka California, Date Unknown (01:11)
19. If I Had My Way, I'd Burn This Building Down (10:56)



Things are spread out over vast distances, large stretches of time.
I gather together the shards into a single, white light.

City of Rats
Dry Hair
Family Throat
Fountain of Youth
The Demon Star
the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags
The Soviet Children's Choir Sings for the World