Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Throat

Track Listing:

1. destroy every vestige of the oligarchy as you would uproot a rotten tooth (1:55)
2. Spreadeagle (1:56)
3. Conservative Youth Brigade (0:05)
4. Songs of Health (0:22)
5. no law that has to resort to arms to be fulfilled by a people can be called a law (2:12)
6. 255 (0:17)
7. I Live for Jesus (1:50)
8. Corvette Club (0:16)
9. Power Stallion, Ride! (0:55)
10. Songs of Fertility (1:21)
11. High Sparks (2:20)
12. Shitsynth for Rage Addicts (0:21)
13. Songs of Battle (0:12)
14. Lameass Jesus (6:27)
15. Songs of Worship (2:53)
16. Songs of Death (1:21)
17. Pink Stumps (3:18)
18. 232 (0:18)


This album is out-of-sync VHS in the living room, plastic chairs and waxy tablecloths at the company barbecue. It will introduce you to the friends of parents who become silhouettes in memory. The spastic, fat children of distant relatives.

The only thing left on the plate is a chicken breast, pale pink. Its grease is soaking through the paper. You put your nose to the chicken, within an inch of it so that you can feel the grease on your own skin gravitate. This is the law of prurience. You sniff deeply.

People that own boats but never use them.

Photographs of families who died on crashing planes.

The NES cartridge that worked one in ten times, and then stopped working for good.