Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dry Hair

Track Listing:
1. Radio Across the American West (04:19)
2. BodyTaste (01:58)
3. "I am the Futurist, Strong and Indomitable" (03:29)
4. Dry Hair (07:46)
5. Wet Rags in Glory (06:52)
6. Strep Throat with Head and Trembling (04:01)
7. Patria (01:52)
8. Thee, Iron Winter (12:26)
9. the grain of human Autumn rots (08:49)
10. Abscession (12:18)

Dry hair's for squids

This is a collection of all my older disparate tracks. The newest of these, Dry hair and Abscession (also the best, in my opinion) are at least half a year old, and the others stretch back a few years to the very beginning of my noise experiments. So don't expect the super-quality sheen on these tracks. Their themes, sound sources, styles are broad, and there is a vague movement from semi-harsh (Radio Across...) to harsh ("I am the Futurist...", Dry Hair) to more ambient (the grain...), but this movement is relatively indistinct.

Think: A Noise mix tape for your estranged father.
Think: All our radio signals shot endlessly into the slow-light death of deep space.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Track Listing:
1. Motherfucker Motherfucker (01:07)
2. King and Country (06:32)
3. Topophony (10:45)
4. Peace through Mutilation (04:30)
5. The Blood Buffalo (01:25)
6. Trumpets of Zion (05:23)
7. Dokken und der Fuhrer (02:48)
8. Disconacht (02:29)
9. Dancing Around (02:15)
10. Stonewall (06:14)
11. All the Seed of Europe, One by One (04:04)
12. The End of the War (00:36)


This album formed slowly over the course of the past two years. It is almost all cover songs, Noise style. Aside from the obvious external sound clips almost everything on this album came from the songs used. They were the primary sound source. Some of these are obscure, old recordings that I picked up here and there. Others are really good songs by really good artists (Johnnie Ray: Hell Yes). Others are somewhere inbetween quality and shit. And Dokken... well... Dokken speaks for Dokkenself.

Think: Deconstruction, Repetition, The Kicking out of Jams

Saturday, February 7, 2009

the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags

Track List:

1. the snapping of whips (part 1) (00:22)
2. the snapping of whips (part 2) (02:25)
3. the snapping of whips (part 3) (00:30)
4. the snapping of whips (part 4) (05:13)
5. , (11:28)
6. the whipping of flags (06:58)

Finally my computer is fixed, and all my sound recordings were ok.

So here is a self-titled album. Thematically, it is exploring the name I have chosen, and is cut, roughly, into three thematic sections (tracks 1-4, track 5 and track 6). The first and third sections focus, stylistically, on the use of intellectual montage in Noise, an attempt to translate the theme from Sergei Eisenstein's cinematic theory. The middle section (track 5) is more abstracted, traditional Noise, as denoted by its title.

If anyone was wondering: "the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags" is derived from a line in Luigi Russolo's "The Art of Noises". Russolo was famous for pioneering Noise/Electronic/Industrial/Machine music in the 1920's, within the context of Italian Futurism. He produced numerous "intonarumori", analog Noise machines each designed to produce a single droning sound, the tempo and pitch of which was manipulated by a crank on the side of the instrument. Here is a picture of some of these intonarumori:

There are recordings of them here. The first Intonarumori concerts ended in riots. I have utilized some of Russolo's original recordings in the first few tracks.