Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dry Hair

Track Listing:
1. Radio Across the American West (04:19)
2. BodyTaste (01:58)
3. "I am the Futurist, Strong and Indomitable" (03:29)
4. Dry Hair (07:46)
5. Wet Rags in Glory (06:52)
6. Strep Throat with Head and Trembling (04:01)
7. Patria (01:52)
8. Thee, Iron Winter (12:26)
9. the grain of human Autumn rots (08:49)
10. Abscession (12:18)

Dry hair's for squids

This is a collection of all my older disparate tracks. The newest of these, Dry hair and Abscession (also the best, in my opinion) are at least half a year old, and the others stretch back a few years to the very beginning of my noise experiments. So don't expect the super-quality sheen on these tracks. Their themes, sound sources, styles are broad, and there is a vague movement from semi-harsh (Radio Across...) to harsh ("I am the Futurist...", Dry Hair) to more ambient (the grain...), but this movement is relatively indistinct.

Think: A Noise mix tape for your estranged father.
Think: All our radio signals shot endlessly into the slow-light death of deep space.

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