Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forest Sings

Track Listing:

1. Forest Sings (27:09)


So this is the first in a series of more ambient single-track albums. I have been listening to a lot of Jacob Kirkegaard lately, and that inspired me to put this piece up, and I will follow it with the others in subsequent weeks. They are all exceedingly simple works drawn from field recordings, sound samples, and the noise of various objects. Often when I am working on my more complex projects I find a small portion of a single sound which fascinates me. This album is one of those small portions, looped and amplified, with a barely audible companion loop undulating in and out of hearing. The focus in this whole series is on grasping the nature of a place, sample, or object, and immersing the listener in a moment of that thing's existence. This particular piece is a heavily amplified field recording.

There are different theories of listening in Noise music. The most obvious being Masochistic listening, and the most complex being the "postmodern" Noise-as-failure-to-listen = Noise-as-perpetual-failure-to-become. This album, and the series it is drawn from, focuses instead on Meditative listening. The track is meant to be looped and it helps if you think of the loop as a mantra. Ambient-immersive.

Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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