Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Track Listing:
1. Motherfucker Motherfucker (01:07)
2. King and Country (06:32)
3. Topophony (10:45)
4. Peace through Mutilation (04:30)
5. The Blood Buffalo (01:25)
6. Trumpets of Zion (05:23)
7. Dokken und der Fuhrer (02:48)
8. Disconacht (02:29)
9. Dancing Around (02:15)
10. Stonewall (06:14)
11. All the Seed of Europe, One by One (04:04)
12. The End of the War (00:36)


This album formed slowly over the course of the past two years. It is almost all cover songs, Noise style. Aside from the obvious external sound clips almost everything on this album came from the songs used. They were the primary sound source. Some of these are obscure, old recordings that I picked up here and there. Others are really good songs by really good artists (Johnnie Ray: Hell Yes). Others are somewhere inbetween quality and shit. And Dokken... well... Dokken speaks for Dokkenself.

Think: Deconstruction, Repetition, The Kicking out of Jams

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